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Clockwise from top left - Diane Abbott, Shami Chakrabarti, Nick Brown, Keir Starmer Analysis Image caption Front bench roles: Clive Lewis, Jo Stevens and Sarah Champion By Iain Watson, political correspondent Jeremy Corbyn's reshuffle sees big promotions for two women seen as his allies - Diane Abbott and Shami Chakrabarti, a year after he was criticised for not putting women in top shadow cabinet roles. But the real significance is not who is in - it is who is out. The very popular chief whip, Rosie Winterton, has been sacked. She was seen as someone, behind the scenes, who stood up for MPs' interests against the party leader- and who had been working hard to broker a compromise on shadow cabinet elections. She believed that many more MPs might return to the frontbench if they were answerable to colleagues and not just to the leader. So many Labour MPs tonight are expressing disappointment that she has gone. And it is interesting that Clive Lewis, the shadow defence secretary who, unlike Jeremy Corbyn, saw no pressing need to challenge Trident renewal, has been shifted to become shadow business secretary. One senior party figure has called the reshuffle "cack handed and vindictive". Unity has not yet broken out in the Labour Party. Conservative MP Luke Hall said Ms Abbott's appointment showed Labour had "lost touch with ordinary working-class people". He said: "By appointing a shadow home secretary who disagrees with the public, and her own party, about the need to control our own borders, Labour have abandoned the centre ground." Baroness Chakrabarti, who was recently made a Labour peer, joins the shadow cabinet for the first time.