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Lions at the four-yard line. #opreps Miles Vance (@MilesVance1) December 3, 2016 West Linn's Elijah Molden scores on a 4-yard dive play and the Lions now lead Central Catholic 14-0 late in the first quarter. #opreps Miles Vance (@MilesVance1) December 3, 2016 At the end of the first quarter, West Linn leads Central Catholic 14-0. #opreps Miles Vance (@MilesVance1) December 3, 2016 West Linn's Tim Tawa scores on a 14-yard run and the Lions now lead Central Catholic 21-0 three minutes into the second quarter. #opreps Miles Vance (@MilesVance1) December 3, 2016 Tawa's run (as referenced above) lifted West Linn's lead to 21-0. Central Catholic and gets a 51-yard run from Amari Hale but fails to score and West Linn still leads 21-0. #opreps Miles Vance (@MilesVance1) December 3, 2016 Late in the first half, West Linn gets a stop on Central and Central's field goal attempt hits the upright and bounces away. #opreps Miles Vance (@MilesVance1) December 3, 2016 West Linn drives back down the field, and gets a 3-yard Tim Tawa touchdown run to lead 28-0 with 5 seconds in the half. #opreps Miles Vance (@MilesVance1) December 3, 2016 Central Catholic scores at the start of the second half, on a 38-yard TD pass from Cade Knighton to Trey Davis. West Linn up 28-6. #opreps Miles Vance (@MilesVance1) December 3, 2016 West Linn comes right back to score, cashing in on a 26-yard TD run by Elijah Molden to lead 35-7.

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Print Edition North Carolina has zero players in prime rebounding position and zero traditionally greatrebounders on the floor (think Brice Johnson ). But North Carolinas Kenny Williams snakes in and gets the rebound. And, in the chaos, hes able to kick it back out to Berry for a 3-pointer. This is one anecdotal example, of course, that clashes against all basketball wisdom. When you go small, basketball traditionalists say, you sacrifice on the boards. But North Carolina didn'tlose on the boards over the last 4:14 of the first half when they went small. UNC had eight defensive rebounds over that stretch to FSUs six, including one team deadball rebound each. And North Carolina had one offensive board, highlighted above, to FSUs zero. Maybe rebounding is based more off effort than originally thought?

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